This 60-hours Pranayama course is approved by Yoga Australia as Continuing Professional Development for Yoga Australia Teachers.

Pranayama Online Course

This course provides 60 hours of skills and knowledge required to reflect on, apply and communicate the major concepts and principles of Pranayama techniques to holistic classical Yoga practice and teaching.

  • 2

    CHAPTER 1: Establish the purpose of Pranayama

    • CHAPTER 1: Summary

    • CHAPERT 1 : Tutorial Video

    • CHAPTER 1: Questionnaire

  • 3

    CHAPTER 2: Analyze different Pranayama techniques

    • CHAPTER 2: Summary

    • CHAPTER 2: Tutorial Video

    • CHAPTER 2: Practical demonstration: NADI SHODHANA

    • CHAPTER 2: Practical demonstration: UJJAYI PRANAYAMA

    • CHAPTER 2: Questionnaire

  • 4

    CHAPTER 3: Design the Pranayama program in holistic classical Yoga practice and teaching

    • CHAPTER: 3 Summary

    • Chapter:3 Tutorial video

    • CHAPTER 3: Tutorial Video for Holistic Pranayama Session Plan

    • CHAPTER 3: Questionnaire

  • 5

    CHAPTER 4: Deliver & Evaluate the Pranayama program in holistic classical Yoga practice and teaching

    • CHAPTER 4: Summary

    • CHAPTER 4: Tutorial Video

    • CHAPTER 4: Questionnaire

  • 6


    • The Final Questionnaire Tutorial Guide

    • Final Questionnaire

    • Final Video Assessment

Author of the course

Marta Skrzypczak

Marta is an experienced Yoga Teacher E-RYT® 500, 1000hrs RYT® and YACEP® (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider®), certified by the International Yoga Alliance organization and Registered Senior Yoga Australia Teacher. She is a Lead Yoga Teacher, author & designer of accredited Diploma of Holistic Classical Yoga Practice and Teaching Course and co-designer of Advanced Diploma of Holistic Yoga practices at CSF (College of Sports & Fitness in Sydney Australia), where she teaches current and future Yoga teachers how to become a professional Yoga Teacher at an advanced level and other Yogic practitioners how to start and improve their personal Yoga practice. Now she is creating new online courses with CSF.Online for anyone who is interested in improving their wellbeing on daily basis.

Pranayama Course Benefits

  • Variety of learning materials

    Within this course you will have an opportunity to explore various materials: tutorial video and e-book, additionally: Pranayama techniques demonstration video, video guide how to prepare Pranayama program, and learning questionnaires.

  • Recognition in Yoga industry

    CSF qualifications will open the doors to new opportunities. We strive to provide you with the highest standards of training in your chosen course and develop the knowledge and skills required in your chosen industry, recognized by Yoga Australia.

  • Certification

    This course has been developed according to the requirements of the Yoga, Sport, Fitness and Recreation Training Package After completing the course, you will receive an e-Certificate provided by CSF (College of Sports & Fitness) approved RTO (Registered Training Organisation) in Australia, recognized by Yoga Australia.

Flip eBook Complimentary

We offer our students all the options of support study material for you to develop a deep knowledge of our courses from all tutorial chapters.